As young scientists, Karen was a biochemist with experience in the pesticide industry and Alain was a microbiologist working for the pharmaceutical industry. They were both appalled by the number of chemicals found in kid’s shampoos, bubble baths and other products. Given their background, they decided to do something about it. Karen and Alain quit their jobs and left the chemical industry behind to create healthier, natural products for the whole family. They wanted to make a difference, and this is their story.

Putting her biochemistry background to better, wholesome use after working in the pesticide industry for many years, Karen decides she wants to do something good for her future baby, herself and for the planet. Concerned with the number of harmful chemicals found in personal care products such as baby shampoo, bubble bath and body wash, she quits her job and begins formulating her own all-natural products at home.

Alain Follows
Still in the pharmaceutical industry, Alain is not entirely convinced of Karen’s pursuit. Sadly, he receives heartbreaking news that changes his mind. At the age of 32, his sister is diagnosed with breast cancer, which has been linked to the various chemicals found in everyday products such as deodorants, toothpastes and others. Alain finally quits his job and devotes himself to helping Karen create all-natural alternatives.

The Green Beaver Family is Born! This is the year that Karen and Alain welcomed their son Joshua to the family. Although they’d been developing natural products for themselves for many years, he was their inspiration to launch Green Beaver and make healthier choices available for future generations.

March – The Green Beaver Company is now officially in business. The very first products to be introduced are the fluoride-free toothpastes and the aluminum-free deodorants.


Green Beaver Grows. Karen and Alain continue to formulate new products and travel to tradeshows and health food stores to present Green Beaver products. Their goal is to educate consumers about the benefits of all-natural ingredients and the dangers of chemicals. Their hard work pays off, because Green Beaver grows into a brand that consumers know and trust!

Green Beaver’s sensitive aloe facial care products are introduced after Karen received numerous requests to develop a complete facial care line. The great new products include a gel cleanser, makeup remover, a bamboo scrub and a day cream. All products are natural, chemical-free and made in Canada.


Labrador tea is introduced into many of the Green Beaver products. This wild harvested plant comes from the Canadian Boreal forest and is know for its soothing qualities. A perfect remedy for dry, itchy skin.

The company is awarded the ‘Lauriers de la PME Ontario – Nouvelle entreprise – RDÉE et UOttawa’ – Ontario New Small Business Award


Green Beaver moves into new digs! The company now has a full production room, loading dock and warehousing space. Gone are the days of Alain’s parents packaging products in the basement. Green Beaver finally rents out an old textile warehouse in Hawkesbury and builds their own production facility, which is certified Ecocert! This is also the year that Green Beaver receives a grant from the National Research Council to develop certified organic sunscreens, a big year!

Always striving to provide only the very best in organic, natural, personal-care products, Green Beaver applies for and receives the EcoCert certification. Claims and promises of natural and organic products are everywhere nowadays. It’s easy to get lost and confused when it seems there’s something new everyday! Ecocert is a control and certification body internationally recognised. Present in 80 countries, it certifies over 10,000 products for 800 different companies! The Green Beaver Company is proud to have its seal of approval.


Spring – Karen and Alain felt that the chemical filters used in conventional sunscreens weren’t safe enough for people and the environment. That’s why they launched the 1st Canadian organic mineral sunscreen with the help of the National Research Council. The sunscreen is available in both lotion and spray, for the whole family. Green Beaver is providing a safe alternative to regular sunscreen.

Spring – The Organic honey lip balm was launched. Green Beaver wanted to do something about the precipitous decline of bees, widely considered to be the world’s most important pollinator. This unfortunate occurrence has been making headlines since about 2006, when mysterious, massive die-offs were termed colony collapse disorder. That’s why Hockley Valley Honey Farm was chosen since it is in a pristine, uncontaminated wildflower meadow thus helping save precious honey bees.

January – The very first liquid castile soap made from cold-pressed, certified organic sunflower seed oil was launched. A solid castile bar soap was also created. The sunflower oil used to make this product is a more sustainable solution since it is grown locally. It is also a very enriching ingredient filled with antioxidants such as vitamin E and carotenoids.

Fall – Green Beaver introduces the very first deodorant with a novel sage extract that not only inhibits the development of bad odour but even eliminates existing odours. A North American exclusive!

July – 1st Canadian fluoride-free, natural sensitive toothpaste. Made with all-natural ingredients including potassium nitrate to shield dental nerves for lasting sensitivity. It has since become a favourite.

Spring – Green Beaver welcomes a delegation from Senegal, Crossroads International. The guests learn how to create castile soap in the production room along with the Green Beaver team. They are able to take away many new techniques and business ideas to share with their group.

April – The 1st Canadian company to be Plastic Microbead-free, since day one. In January UpGyres invited manufacturers of personal care products across Canada to add their products to the ZERO database and to proudly display the ZERO logo. Plastic-free products are included in the new ZERO category of the Beat the Microbead website and app. In April 2016, The Green Beaver Company is awarded with the ZERO PLASTIC INSIDE logo.

Fall – The Green Beaver Company begins construction and doubling of its production line. With sustained growth, increased production had to follow. Many new jobs have been created locally, helping the surrounding communities.

Late Fall – New educational and information blog and online store are launched. Green Beaver will be collaborating with numerous bloggers and collaborators as well as publishing its own informative content to help everyone make better decisions and to “Get Off the Chemicals”.

Fall – Green Beaver enters the US market to share its chemical-free, personal care products.

To this day, Green Beaver is dedicated to Natural Goodness.
Regardless of the company growth and new product launches, Green Beaver has always remained dedicated to using Certified Organic Canadian ingredients. It is still a family-owned company. Just like the name suggests, Green Beaver is a truly natural and purely Canadian brand.