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Here’s a sampling of our awesome testimonials:

I would like to thank you for supplying us with the most reliable (and safest) sunscreen we have ever used this past summer!
Every year (for the last 4 to 5 years) we have been traveling down south, my fiancée would always break out in painful eczema on her hands and feet a few days in.
This always limited our fun in the water and sun =(
Exposure to intense sun and humidity were the initial suspects. We were using a Laroche “clinically tested” and supposively safer sunscreen alternative to the commercial junky ones.

Well, on our last trip at the end of July in mexico, was the first time where she was completely free until the 2nd last day where only 1 lil bump appeared on her hand!
We were immediately convinced that it was a combination of the sunscreen + sun + humidity.

Hopefully you continue using the same recipe for years to come!!
Big thanks again

Guy G.

Good Afternoon!
First off, I want to rave about how much I love your products. I have multiple allergies in my house hold and conscious about what is put on our skin. With your products, I have never had an issue, I find your products such as your sunscreens (kids, because as an adult I use it too) stand up to what you say it will do. Never have we had a sunburn with use of your sunscreen. With that, I went to purchase more today. I also have to say that last year I called in regards to your sunscreen and I talked to the most wonderful man, I believe he told me he was the owner. Because of the information and how he talked to me, making me feel comfort in using your product because of our peanut allergy I will always trust your company. You rock and wish you all much success.

With much gratitude
Kimberly C.

I just wanted to say thank you I don’t know what I would do with out you. I have had cancer on the lip twice removed I’m 26 years old, and I have severe allergic reactions to everything I have tried. When I heard you were making a lip balm that was all natural with an spf I was so excited. I waited 2 months for it I called the shop all the time waiting. finally it came in and when I started using it, it worked I had finally found something that works. I’m in the sun for one minute an my lips blister and it takes weeks to heal but with your lip balm I can go outside an feel safe. I looked for 2 years at every health store and found nothing I am so happy I finally found your product. I lost my lip balm once an the rash immediately came back.. I keep it on me 24/7. and I tell everyone I know. I don’t know if you guys realize that your making much more then sunscreen, your making it possible for some people to live a normal life thank you. Well done 🙂

Liz B.

Hi, I have used up my first tube of Green Beaver for sensitive teeth, toothpaste. I wanted to give it a try it as I have been using and experimenting with all types, Mostly Sensodyne.
After using Green Beaver for about a month or a little less, the results have been positive and amazing, the sensitivity has decreased a fair amount, more then what Sensodyne had provided, much much more!

It looks like I now have to drive and pick up my second tube of Toothpaste 🙂 to bad your so far away from my location, it would have been convenient 🙂

Thanks!!!! for the product

Rob S.

I just read the article about you, in the newspaper ‘La Presse’ I want to congratulate you on your products. I am happy to know their existence. It is very difficult to find healthy products, and made in a way that is respectful of health and the environment. At home, whether for body care, housekeeping, washing, I only use home-made products, so no commercial products with fragrances and other chemical and synthetic components. So I will try your products soon and with great pleasure.
Long live your initiative!
Well to you,

louise C.

I just want to communicate to you that your products are the best on the market! I choose my products through muscle test and yours win out every time! I use your deodorant, toothpaste (star anise) and just recently your shampoo. Don’t chiz on the quality of your products! You have a great line of quality products and as long as you keep it that way I will continue to use them and you are Canadian!

Jim K.

Hi, I just received my order and wanted just simply to say how excited I am to try more of your products. We have recently gone chemical free at home and have already used a couple Green Beaver items. Thank you for the hand-written note/postcard, I found that personal touch very nice coming from a family company.
Just a thank you from a happy customer!

Tracy I.

I recently started using you Star Anise toothpaste and wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I LOVE it. My teeth have never felt this clean. I have made a commitment to zero chemicals in my home and on my body so I really appreciate the quality of product you make that supports my commitment. I did need to get over the lack of foam or bubbles, but as I am using all products without chemicals I no longer have foamy soapy products. I ahem bought a tube for my dad and will recommend your product to anyone who will listen

Thank you and keep up the great work

Sharon L.

Thank you for making such great products. Your Anise toothpaste is one of the best flavoured on the market. And it leaves your mouth feeling so clean!

Destiny P.

I’m just contacting your company to say thank you! My roommate and I started phasing out chemicals and unnatural food and daily products to ensure a more sustainable future. I wanted to contact your company and thank you because your Castile soap has changed our lives- we make our own shampoo, face/body wash, and cleaning supplies with it! We couldn’t help make a difference without your product. It makes it possible for people in urban living environments. I hope you continue the great work you’re doing!
Thanks again,

Reece M.

I just discovered your products, I bought toothpaste and face cream today. I was looking for a range of Canadian products that I can adopt and I really found it! I love your products, I congratulate you and encourage you to continue your excellent work. I am in the Outaouais region and it is at La Boîte à Grains that I discovered your range. My next try will be your shampoo-conditioner. Thank you,

Manon C.


I wanted to say a big thank you for the wonderful products you have! I discovered them a few years ago and I only use them in my routine now. I especially like the boreal cream and the facial cleanser. And yet another congratulations for your new packaging and your new image that I find superb!

Julie H.

Hello there,

I was in need of deodorant and I saw your brand. I am quite familiar with your toothpaste as I have been using it for few years now. For whatever reason I never saw your deodorant. I have used similar stuff along with the old salt rocks for sometime now.

Well its been approximately 10 days since that purchase of your Tea Tree deodorant and I got to say it works fantastic, in my books better then any natural or chemical stick out there.

Definitely a product that I will be using over and over again.

Joe B.


I’ve sent a few emails in the past about your products and still feel compelled to inform you how much I appreciate your products. I have been using your facial cleanser and green tea moisturizer for over 8 years now and absolutely love it! I have recently started using your spray deodorant which is awesome too! Just want to say thank you for making amazing products that are good for my health. I have had acne prone skin for a very long time and the moisturizer you’ve created has made my life a lot easier when it comes to my skin. I am forever grateful! Keep up the good work and thank you!

Jacob P.

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE the new line of shampoo and conditioners you came out with. I have the coconut one and every time I wash my hair its like a tropical getaway! Its great

Thank you!

Abigail P.


I just wanted to write and let you know how much I love your company. Your products are amazing and the fact that Green Beaver is local is just even better.
Thank you for making such awesome stuff!

Amanda W.

Just wanted to say Love your packaging. It’s great to see artwork on products, definetly a breakaway from bland especially shopping for toothpaste at london drugs!

Ash W.


Recently my aunt has had breast cancer and since cancer is pretty present in my family I thought it was time to stop using antiperspirant and turn to something natural and less harmful for my health. So I tried the natural Green Beaver deodorant with Labrador tea and I loved it! I was skeptical at first because I am someone who sweats a lot and who has a sweat that stinks, but wow! The deodorant works wonderfully! So I talked to my mother, who also tried the lavender and also loves it. There’s also my cousin who was also skeptical because she sweats a lot and we all fell in love with your product! Bravo 🙂

Marie-Ève G.

Dear customer service,

I am writing these few words to inform you that I am completely satisfied with your two deodorant products and the natural toothpaste Green Beaver that I use for a very long time and which are of first and high quality better than all other popular brands on the market .

I want to congratulate the Green Beaver Company and this holiday season let me wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with much progress.

Carmela T.

Hello Green Beaver Family!

A few months ago, I tried your Grapefruit Facial Cleanser and I love it. It smells great and I love the way it makes my skin feel. It is a great way to start your day with that striking citrus scent. This is the Green Beaver product I’ve tried and it soon lead me to more of your product line like your Castile Soaps and your yummy Anise toothpaste.

I wanted to send this note along to thank you for such an awesome product and I truly appreciate your commitment to quality and use of natural ingredients. Anyhow, thanks! Keep up the great work.

P.S Also, being a Canadian company is a great plus for me. Xoxo