Why Reading Everyday Labels Have Become an Important Part Of My Life

Because of my up bringing, I feel that I’m really able to pay closer attention to the products and foods that I introduce to my son.

I spent the better part of my childhood growing up in a little village in Uganda Africa called Adjumani. I had early exposure to natural care products, most of them homemade. There were no big box stores or cosmetic stores anywhere near my humble little village, so for most of my childhood, organic was the only available option.

Because of my up bringing, I feel that I’m really able to pay closer attention to the products and foods that I introduce to my son. I never had to worry about chemicals, what I was eating or what I was putting onto my skin. My mother and grandmother, hand picked our fruits and vegetables and everything that we used for our skin was organic and home made.  

Now, living in Canada for many years and after having my son Félix, I do try to expose him to that life as much as I can. Reading labels has honestly become a second nature since Félix was born, because a lot of ingredients written on a bottle or food product can be confusing. I look for familiar and simple to the point labels; what’s in it? where it was made? and how it was made? – if it’s stated. I always mare sure to test skin care products on myself before I use it on him just in case there are any adverse reactions.

“For most of my childhood, in Uganda Africa, organic was the only available option. (...) Now, living in Canada, I do try to expose my son Félix to that life as much as I can.”

Lily Yange – Mom and Blogger

The trick to reading labels is, if it doesn’t make sense and you can’t understand it, it probably isn’t supposed to make sense or be understood. If I can’t understand what I’m reading, I rather not use it on my skin or let alone use it on Félix’s skin. When I was presented with the opportunity to work with Green Beaver, after some brief research I quickly realized this would be a perfect fit. I am particularly excited to use their certified by ECOCERT Greenlife SAS baby products, that will be available in stores soon. Their new line has covered what I need to keep Félix’s sensitive skin in check, especially since he has problems with eczema. It was nice to see their wash and lotion are dermatologist tested and most importantly made by parents! I love to use brands who take the time to have their products tested by dermatologists and proudly display that on their label. It’s details like this that assist me in making a healthy choice for my family.

I can only encourage you to look closely at what’s displayed on your favourite baby brand labels and If it takes awhile to put the pieces of the puzzle together, maybe it’s time to trade in for simpler ingredients. There are some great and affordable organic brands out there. You’ll sleep better at night knowing what you’re putting on your little one’s skin.

If you need any recommendations or have any questions about The Green Beaver Company products I use, feel free to shoot me an email anytime.

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