3 hacks to make green parenting doable

Parents NEED convenience to help them survive the task of caring for tiny humans.

1. Find what works and repeat

I’m pretty sure none of you want to read one more explanation about how we should be eating less meat, how many toxins are in our food, or how sugar is pure evil. We’ve all seen the Netflix documentaries, and everybody gets it, BUT eating “green” just isn’t that convenient. And parents NEED convenience to help them survive the task of caring for tiny humans who have a 50/50 chance of throwing their entire meal on the floor anyways. Enter a no fail recipe you can feed your kids 15 times a week with no regrets. Mine is a simple green smoothie, and they totally count as a dinner in this house when we need them to. We do organic spinach, banana, frozen pineapple, coconut water and a splash of OJ.

2. Products for the whole family

One thing to expect when you start making the switch to clean and natural products is a lot of extra time reading labels as you stroll aisles picking up your essentials for eating, cleaning, and daily life. And if there’s one thing we all gave up when we became parents, it’s extra time. And sleeping in the middle of the night. And using the bathroom alone without fear that someone’s colouring the walls. No one has the time to be reading through ingredient lists when they’ve got two toddlers wrestling in their shopping cart. To simplify, once we find a brand that works, with ingredients we can trust, we basically buy up everything they make. We have the same body washes and lotions as the kids, and we all love them. Plus, it’s just so much easier to not be buying a hundred different products for each family member.

3. One step at a time.

For us, eliminating the toxins in our day to day is a process that started 5 years ago, before babies ever entered the picture. And once kids come around, we all know accomplishing anything gets just a bit harder. So, do not stress yourself out about it. Do one thing at a time. Learn what fruits and vegetables are on the dirty dozen list and start switching to the organic versions of them. Or swap out your cleaning products for a natural choice next time you’re picking up cleaning supplies. All the little things add up and make a difference without driving you (and your entire family) crazy in the process.

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