Going Green; The Mommy Way

There seems to be a lot of buzz lately about all natural - well, everything! From natural parenting, to organic foods, and of course natural baby products. It’s all around us.

To be honest, I didn’t really care about any of that with my first baby… I was a bit more in tune with the WHYs with my second pregnancy. By the time our second was about 6 months old, i was on board. I’ve had success with a few natural products my midwife had recommended throughout my pregnancy. Just supplements, and holistic remedies here and there… but they worked for us! So, I started thinking, ‘hey, if these work, maybe those granola mamas know what’s up’!

As a result, I started reading the labels. Most of the products in my cabinet contained ingredients i couldn’t even pronounce. I was shocked when I got better results from simple and natural products rather than using the big brand names.

“Why didn’t my kids deserve safe, REAL ingredients in their skin care & washing products too? ”

Cloe Thomson

The price difference was hardly noticeable, so my husband didn’t bat an eye. Why would I not apply the same logic to my babies? Why didn’t my kids deserve safe, REAL ingredients in their skin care & washing products too? Honestly, I felt like it was a waste and that they wouldn’t know the difference? I feel guilty that i had such a rationale. It felt to me more like a “keeping up with the Jones’” and I feared my husband would think it was another one of my flavours of the week (as he likes to call my various new things I’m passionate about).

I realized I HAD a choice. I knew some moms who had made the switch to natural skincare for themselves & their families, and were spending less on processed foods and conventional cleaning products, skincare etc. They were just normal moms like me, still believing in all the important things that I care about such as health and wellness.

I’m a paediatric nurse and work in acute care but chose to avoid nasty chemicals and toxins when i could. I didn’t just go out and purchase all new products for our family, I replaced things slowly. We now basically only use natural skin care products (except for dad- he won’t give up his Old Spice!) and I’ve found our skin is softer, less dry, and our eczema (both big kids and I suffer from mild eczema) is basically gone!

When I was approached to try out Green Beaver’s new baby care line I jumped at the chance! I already used their deodorant, toothpaste and have used (and loved!) the Junior Beaver Bubble Bath. So, I knew changing up the baby products was a no brainer.  For the past week we’ve used the Fragrance-Free Baby Wash & Lotion for Cal, and the Lavender Baby Wash & lotion for the big kids and we are loving them. First, the scent free one is awesome for Cal since he still has that amazing baby smell I want to soak in forever and ever. His skin is SOOO soft since I’ve started with the lotion and I’ve used it as part of our bedtime routine for night time massage.

We also add a pea sized amount of the Fragrance-Free Diaper cream to his little tush, since he has MASSIVE poops every few days. As you can imagine, can be a bit painful for that little bum. And the big kids haven’t complained once about soap in their eyes because both baby washes are tear free!

I already liked Green Beaver products, but when I was doing a bit of reading about the company the other night, I learned a few neat things. Green Beaver has over 15 years of experience making natural products. That means they know their stuff! They use organic ingredients sourced locally such as sunflower oil and chamomile (yay!) so no need to fear when your baby pulls his soap covered fingers into his mouth, or you find your two-year-old chugging the bathwater. Plus, all their products are perfect for sensitive skin because they’re hypoallergenic… which I appreciate because i seem to be allergic to everything, and sadly so are my littles.

I have enough to worry about trying to keep my tiny humans alive, so I’m happy that Green Beaver makes the skin care department one I can’t fail at!

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