A mom’s busy day

It seems like it’s non-stop from the moment we wake up until we go to bed. But maybe that’s just being a mom to two littles?

Our day starts out with Avery’s gro-clock going off. She wakes up the entire family but she’s allowed to “once the sun comes up”. We make our way downstairs, brew a coffee, light our wood stove, turn on her favorite cartoons & she always starts the day with fruit.  Harrison gets his diaper changed (the new Green Beaver diaper cream is fabulous, especially during rashy teething times it’s been clearing up any redness & irritation immediately) & plays on his blanket with his toys. 

Next it’s breakfast & getting dressed for the day. We get out for a family walk around the lake. Then of course, it’s time to eat lunch. We usually spend the afternoon playing, reading, creating crafts & ALWAYS have a dance party! Next thing is dinner prep. This is usually a family affair even including the dog. The more people to trip over in the kitchen the better ;) Eating together as a family is a priority for us. My husband & I enjoy cooking. Preparing food at home is something we both take pride in. We want our kids to learn how to make wholesome & nutritious meals but also to have appreciation for home cooking. Once dishes have been done it’s time for bath time. Both kids love bath time! It’s a good excuse to play & eventually wind down. We love our Green Beaver calming lavender body wash & shampoo. Leaves everyone smelling delicious without the nasties. 

Once we’ve towel dried, we apply our Green Beaver body lotion. Pajama & story time. Lights out, flashlights on & we make our way to bed. Start the process all over again the next day! 


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