Community Natural Foods

Community Natural Foods is a pioneer in bringing quality natural and organic products to Canadians.

The foundation for their 40 years of success rests on the long-term relationships the company has built with its shoppers, community, staff and vendors. One such vendor is the Green Beaver company. With dual mandates to bring much needed health products to market, the pairing just makes sense.

It all began in 2003 with the listing of six Green Beaver products the first year they were brought to the Canadian market. Three toothpastes and three deodorants were the first to hit the Community Natural Foods shelves.  CNF believes in supporting and selling Canadian-made products and at that time, there were very few Canadian products on the market. The Green Beaver products sold very well right from the start.

In the words of Green Beaver Co-founder and CEO Alain Menard – “I’ve always enjoyed working with Community Natural Foods and appreciate their true commitment for a healthier, chemical-free lifestyle. Community’s dedication to employee education is commendable. I’ve had the pleasure to do many training sessions with the Community team over the years. Their knowledgeable staff is always available to help people make healthier choices!”

CNF is dedicated to high quality customer service for sure. Their staff are known to be the most educated and passionate in the industry.  With a high value of helping others it comes natural to their team. Much like the passion and dedication to the process and products Green Beaver also holds.

Community involvement:

Not only is CNF committed to high quality products and service but to its community as well.  Since 2013, CNF has donated over $106,000* to local non-profits, charities, and organizations in Calgary and surrounding areas. Donation are often in the form of gift certificates, food donations or body care items to those in need. In 2016 alone, they provided in-kind donations and/or gift certificates to 112 organizations through their donation program.

The shared values, commitment to quality and helping others to live a healthier life make the relationship between CNF and Green Beaver a strong one.  Many more years of partnership are in the foreseeable future benefitting both companies and Canadians.

Staff favourites:

When it comes to their favorite Green Beaver products, CNF staff voted for the classic Green Beaver Product; their toothpaste. Leiticia likes Green Apple, Zesty Orange, Spearmint and Cinnamon. In addition, the ladies on the team really enjoy the Boreal Face Cream and Body Lotion, especially Isabel.  These products are often recommended to customers that stop by.

Check out their website to learn more about this great store and follow them on social media.

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