Green Beaver Sensitive Aloe Skincare Review!

Vegan skincare isn’t always easy to find but through a lot of trial and error. I have found a select few brands and products that really impress me. Green Beaver is a Canadian company that uses very clean ingredients.

Hello Beauties,

Vegan skincare isn’t always easy to find but through a lot of trial and error. I have found a select few brands and products that really impress me. Green Beaver is a Canadian company that uses very clean ingredients. They have a lot of products like toothpaste’s and deodorants but today I want to talk about their facial skincare line (even though the sensitive toothpaste is my BFF).

They have 5 great skincare products that I have really enjoyed and some have become my holy grails. Green Beaver has amazing commitments to high-quality skincare products at very affordable prices. I don’t think any of the products mentioned are above $25 and all are great for even the most sensitive of skin types.

Sensitive Aloe Makeup Remover

This cream makeup remover is really very different from any other makeup remover I have ever tried. I am used to the clear liquid makeup remover variety. The Green Beaver cream allows you to even get waterproof makeup off in a very gentle way. I didn’t have any stinging and I think works really well as the first step in a two-part cleansing system.

Sincerely I have really enjoyed how gentle this product is and its easy to use. The aloe remover takes my makeup off without residue but if I had full beat makeup on I did find I needed to use it twice. Aloe makeup remover uses a blend of organic sunflower and grape seed oil to take away all that makeup without stinging and helps to calm the skin even around the eyes.

Sensitive Aloe Gel Cleanser

Green beaver gel cleanser is a big time fav for me and I love this as my second step in cleansing routine but why I love this alot is in the morning. In the AM I don’t like to use very stripping cleansers as with my dry skin it makes matters worse. With this beauty I find I get that super clean feeling without stripping all the oils from my skin.

Green Beaver’s Aloe Gel Cleanser is formulated with Organic aloe vera concentrate combined with Chamomile which helps to relieve red or irritated skin. The grapefruit in this cleanser to dissolve any excess oils leaving a smooth residue-free finish.

Sensitive Aloe Exfoliant

This is Aaaaa-Mazing !!! If you have sensitive skin buckle up as this is about to change the game. I have used many exfoliators and a lot of them are good but if you have sensitive skin you know that you can only use the exfoliators maybe 2 times per week due to irritation. Most other exfoliators have large grit until this one.

Green Beaver has perfected this exfoliator with tiny grit like a smooth sand feeling and it gets all of the dead skin off and with zero irritation. I kid you not I usually look like a tomato when I finish exfoliation but this new holy grail leaves my skin feeling amazing. They use bamboo fibers that bend and flex to remove dead skin and also the grapefruit in this product gently dissolves any excess oils.

Sensitive Aloe Day Cream

This day cream smells really nice and works well under makeup. Often times moisturizers can make your foundation apply streakily but this one seemed to have no negative effects on my makeup. I love this day cream alone and also cocktails well with my oil and serums. Green Beaver has made this day cream very light which leaves your skin feeling hydrated but not oily or greasy.

I love the aloe vera concentrate that is combined with green tea it gives me a fresh feeling while the jojoba and sunflower oils add a great deal of moisture. Some days I do use my oils as well due to my super dry skin but I think this would be amazing for anyone with sensitive-normal and combo oily skin types.

Dry skin…? Meet my holy grail!

Boreal Face Cream

This little wonder cream is my night cream fav! If you suffer from dry skin you know the tight dry feeling that usually comes at night after wearing makeup all day. Also as we get into Canadian winters even more bad dry skin days, but this will change that.

As the boreal line has been specially formulated to give you dry skin therapy while still feeling light. The formula is enriched with a blend of cocoa and shea butter to add maximum nourishment and hydration.

I LOVE this product and I don’t see it leaving my skin care routine anytime soon.


I love this company, their ethics as a vegan-friendly / cruelty-free company. Not all of their products are vegan as some of the lip balms etc contain beeswax. Ensure if that bothers you to check the ingredients list online (finally, a company puts this list online). That being said the bulk of their products including those mentioned are completely vegan, cruelty-free and eco-certified to help reduce environmental impacts.

Also, the staff I have met at Green Beaver are some of the sweetest and most informed people around. I really have had nothing but positive meetings with them since I connected at Toronto Veg Food Fest this past summer.

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