Stone Store Natural Foods

The Stone Store was founded in the early 70s by a group of like-minded health enthusiasts.

How it all began

The Stone Store was founded in the early 70s by a group of like-minded health enthusiasts. At first it was a food coop where they sold a very innovative product: granola! There were also tons of burlap bags containing rice and beans from abroad. An interesting fact about the early days of the store is that one of its first client is none other than Tomás Nimmo, the found and manager of the Guelph Organic Conference. The store evolved from a very small location located Suffolk Street and moved several times until it finding its current location in downtown Guelph, Ontario. Its home is a beautiful limestone building with old wooden floors and an exposed wood ceiling leading up to a loft where the offices are located.

A family business, it now includes a team of about 20 people. Brenda, co-owner, says that the team is really what makes The Stone Store special. The Stone Store now features organic produce, baked goods and a myriad of other healthy foods. It also boasts a very large personal care section where you will find the Green Beaver products. The Green Beaver Company has been proudly displayed for the past ten years. Over the years, more and more local products became available and are now part of the mix. Since the store has been in the community for about 40 years, there are now third generation shoppers & employees that are part of the ‘family’.

Community involvement

The Stone Store helps the community in many ways. It is involved in the local veg fest, collaborates with a fitness studio next door, works with the Guelph Organic Conference and sponsors old growth projects to save the local forests.

Staff favourites

Teresa loves all the shampoos. Erin and Holly really enjoy the Boreal Dry Skin Therapy because it is rich and nourishing. Sarah finds the liquid castile soap really great, especially since it supports organic agriculture in Canada. Holly’s favourite toothpaste is the cinnamon flavour. Shipa likes the foaming hand soap since it is gentle and because of the refill bottles.

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