Your hair needs care! Try Organic Shampoo

Ladies, between you and me, who is not looking for a miracle product that will make their hair shiny, silky and full of body?

That’s what I thought! We are all looking for a miracle product. However, the reality is that available and popular products contain a lot of chemicals. You can find up to 14 different harmful ingredients in shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products. These various chemicals are harmful to our scalp and our skin. In addition, in a lot of cases, these chemicals disrupt the hormonal balance. Sometimes, they can even be involved in hormone-dependent cancers (in French). A good example of these harmful agents is paraben which is widely used as a preservative in industrial shampoos and conditioners. To prevent various health problems that can be caused by these chemicals and to get healthy hair, I encourage you to buy natural, organic and local.

Today, I’m presenting you the shampoo and conditioner “Cranberry” from Green Beaver. These shampoo and conditioner were love at first sight! This line will deliver brightness, volume and hydration to your hair with only a few washes. In addition, Green Beaver only uses organic, biodegradable, chemical-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free ingredients and their products have never been tested on animals. So we can finally say goodbye to chemicals and hello to healthy hair!

Green Beaver offers different shampoos and conditioners that can meet the needs of all. Natural fragrances will please every taste and bring the final touch to this hair treatment on top of its wonderful smell.

I am overjoyed with these hair products! I strongly advise you to encourage a company which promotes well-being and health for everyone.

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