The Green Beaver Company’s Biodegradable All Purpose Soap: For a Cleaner Nature

Winter sure has been dragging along and dreadful, but it is finally in the past. Summer is just around the corner... and camping season is already underway.

The Green Beaver Company’s Biodegradable All Purpose Soap: For a Cleaner Nature

Flush Away Phosphate and Avoid the Proliferation of Blue Algae

By the way, camping doesn’t necessarily mean we have to be and stay filthy as well as tolerate unhealthy conditions; as a matter of fact, we can very well use soap while out on camping trips. That being said, it is a now commonly known fact that soap containing phosphate is one of the main catalysts of the proliferation of blue algae – or cyanobacteria – which has an impact on the waterways’ oxygen level, temperature and pH. Multiplying blue algae can be harmful to animals and resulting in lesions to the liver or nervous system if humans are exposed to it for an extended period. The problem is that most soaps contain phosphate. 

The solution, however, resides in Castilian-tradition soap, which got its name from the Spanish region where it was first created and which is traditionally made from olive oil, although quite a few combinations of ingredients have been used over the years. Nonetheless, a quality Castilian-tradition soap is biodegradable and made from vegetable oils, which implies it does not contain any phosphate, any artificial foaming agent, aggressive detergent, fatty acid, vegetable fat, petrochemical product or antibacterial chemical agent.

A Biodegradable All Purpose Option

The Green Beaver Company has its very own biodegradable All Purpose Soap made from organic sunflower oil, which makes for soft and silky skin. We even added organic coconut oil to make it foamier.

It is a highly concentrated soap; it may be diluted for results that will be just as bright and just as smooth. Indeed, The Green Beaver Company’s biodegradable All Purpose Soap shines thanks to its utmost versatility: it is perfect for household cleaning... and for the skin.

Stay clean, even on camping trips, and adopt clean practices for the nature of it all. 

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