Why buy local? Because it’s good for you, the environment, and so much more!

There are many reasons why we should buy local as much as possible. We may already know some of them, while others can come as a surprise and make a lot of sense when we think about it. So, let’s start our local shopping spree!

Why buy local? Because it’s good for you, the environment, and so much more!

One of the most popular reasons why people buy local products is because they wish to see their community grow. It’s all about helping a neighbour, and supporting friends in keeping their business running. When we live in a small town, we know how important small businesses can be to the economy and the impact they have on many of our lives. They provide jobs and represent the heart of the community. Most of the time, it’s the small bakery or the independent grocery that will sponsor the local hockey tournament. They’re also the ones who will call us by our first name, know our kids and offer them their first job as soon as they turn 16.

Another very popular reason why people buy local products is for the environment. Our tomatoes don’t need to travel hundreds, if not thousands of kilometers before they end up on our plate. Local farmers will provide us with amazing products, and the environment will thank us for our choice.

Buying locally also means we have more chances to buy a product that’s fresh. When we buy something that has spent many days on the road before getting into our home, we may not always get the best out of it. Let’s take fruits and vegetables, for example. Because they may lose their freshness or can get damaged. That’s why they will be picked before maturity. They are then stored in warehouses where the atmosphere is controlled until they are ready to be placed on the shelves. Remember that the fruits and vegetables richest in vitamins, minerals, and valuable antioxidants are those that have matured under natural conditions, on their plant - not in warehouses.

One last thing to remember is that if we pay the same price for a product that has been transported, there’s a part of that cost that goes into the transportation process. If we don’t have to pay for transport, then that would mean that we pay for more quality. In our book, quality is always better than carbon dioxide!

Now the big question is, should we buy 100% local? If we wish to do so and can do it, go ahead! As we said, you’ll make a lot of people happy, including the environment and your taste buds. But speaking of taste buds, buying local would mean no more French wine or Italian cheese, which is quite sad. So, maybe try and buy locally as much as you can, but with some exceptions?

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