Help kiddo lead a greener school life

Now that the craziness of Back to School is behind us, it’s time to adopt good habits that will have a great impact on the world (and our personal life). We compiled a few easy ways for the whole family to go green(er). Sharpen your pencils and take out your calculator (well, not really), class starts now!

Help kiddo lead a greener school life

First things first, get to school! 

Use public or school buses. Even better: walk or bicycle! If you have to drive, try arranging a carpool with other parents. Not only will it be better for the planet, but you will also get some days off as you take turns to get the little one to school. Pro tip: apply this to every extracurricular activity - orchestra practices, soccer games or ballet classes.

Time to eat!

If you pack a lunch for kiddo every morning, try reducing the amount of plastic that goes into the process. It goes without saying that you should buy a reusable lunchbox, but you should also use reusable bottles for water or juice. If you have to use plastic bags, clean them and reuse them. It will take only a few seconds of your time and your plastic consumption will rapidly diminish.

To paper, or not to paper, that is the question

Well, it’s not really a question, because you should use as little paper as possible. We know, it’s sometimes inevitable to print a document, but always remind the whole family to only print when truly necessary. If you have to use the printer, buy 100% recycled paper.

Become a teacher in your own home

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you go back to school, earn a new diploma and start your career all over again! But you can definitely teach your kids a few things here and there. If they need to find a subject for homework - help them research on environmental subjects, or even better, suggest themes to the teachers during the next “Teacher Night”!

The best products, for the busiest days!

Yes, your little ones will have really busy days at school, and you’ll want them to have the best products for bath time! Have a look at our Junior Beaver line, everything you need from bubble bath to shampoo to conditioning detangler - and guess what? These products are all formulated with natural and safe ingredients. Ideal for delicate skin, they will help nourish, hydrate, and protect skin and hair.

Back to school can be stressful for many parents, and it is definitely emotional as we see our babies get older. That is why we are leaving tissues out of this list. Use as many as you may need, because crying is also part of a healthy back-to-school routine. 

Now the class is dismissed, time to put everything you’ve just learned into practice!

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