Essential products for welcoming baby

On one hand, there is nothing on earth quite like the smell of a baby’s head or the softness of its skin. On the other hand, there is nothing like the cries and tears of a baby indisposed and irritated by diaper rash, cradle cap, eczema, sunburn or dry skin, which is why we created our line of Organic & Natural Baby Care.

Essential products for welcoming baby

One of our most popular products is Natural Baby Wash. Whether you opt for the fragrance-free or the lavender-scented version, this one is an essential that will gently cleanse your baby’s delicate skin. Infused with our own exclusive organic chamomile flower extract to provide extra needed hydration and soothing nourishment, our baby wash is enriched with Canadian sunflower oil, which will help preserve moisture in fragile baby skin and hair.

Another essential is definitely our Natural Baby Lotion. Available in a fragrance-free that keeps your baby’s smell the star of the show, or in a calming lavender-scented formula, our Organic Baby Lotion is a balanced formulation with fast-absorbing sunflower oil and extra rich avocado oil to moisturize your baby’s soft and delicate skin.

Last but not least, our baby care line also includes our Organic and Natural Diaper Cream. Say goodbye to every diaper rash that ever existed with this cream made with chamomile flower extract, Canadian beeswax, and nourishing avocado. And, with the help of tapioca starch to absorb all that excess moisture, rest assured knowing that your baby is resting too, calmly and happily!

All these products are dermatologist tested and proven hypoallergenic so that you don’t have to worry about any skin reaction from your little one. They were created with the best natural ingredients so that you can provide the best care and comfort to this new member of your family.

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