How to stay active during the fall - hello, Thanksgiving weekend!

We hate to break it to you but summer is definitely a thing of the past, as we start to feel the effects of fall on our mood and habits. Thanksgiving weekend symbolizes the beginning of a new season and the perfect moment to switch things up! We rounded up a few ideas and activities to help you stay active during the apple-eating season, a.k.a. fall.

How to stay active during the fall - hello, Thanksgiving weekend!

Get into the harvest and celebrate the season

First things first - a good meal is always a good idea! We’ll admit that meal planning, grocery shopping and organizing everything can sometimes be overwhelming. Then, there are moments during which you reconnect with the love of cooking and it becomes a relaxing and satisfying experience.

Fall season is definitely a great example of that. Going apple picking or visiting a pumpkin patch makes for a fun day outside, plus you get to bring home everything you need to make apple or pumpkin pies, cinnamon & apple bread or amazing roasted pumpkin soup. Transform the entire family into a team of chefs, or invite friends over and make big batches of everything so that everyone has something to bring back home. 

Go back to class

Now that the weather is on the chilly side, it’s time to spend more time inside. Fall is a great time to take up a new activity, so why not try new things, like yoga, cardio, meditation or a spinning class? Try finding someone to join in on the fun with you - it’ll be easier to keep the motivation levels up, and you can also add a coffee or brunch to your routine!

Enjoy nature

We all love the sun and warm weather, but we have to admit that fall is pretty amazing too. Enjoying long walks in the woods with the doggo, and all of the gorgeous colours peeping through at this time of the year. It may not seem like it but these walks will provide you with a great light cardio session and help you relax at the same time!

The most important thing is to stay active and connected with everything that Mother Nature has to offer, whether it’s apples, yoga or brunch, we are pretty sure there’s something there for you! To make sure that you always feel comfy while doing your favourite activity, bring your Green Beaver essentials with you: a Natural Lip Balm, Moisturizing Lotion, an aluminum-free Deodorant, and an all-natural mineral sunscreen.

Make the most of your Thanksgiving long weekend and embrace fall like never before! Your heart and your mind will thank you!

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