Your hands deserve the best, especially after washing them!

Have you ever taken the time to think about the hand soap you use? As a matter of fact, the soap you use is part of your daily life and has a bigger impact than you may think. After all, our hands get in contact with bacteria every day, so an efficient soap is something you should have access to. As you will probably use it many times every day, you will want a soap that has no chemicals or synthetic fragrances. The goal is to get rid of the bacteria that may be on your hands, but you don’t want to replace them with harmful ingredients that will then be in contact with every object you touch, or worse, kiddo’s face!

Your hands deserve the best, especially after washing them!

With that in mind, we created a line of Organic and All Natural Soaps for Hands that is safe, efficient and leaves a pleasant smell and feeling on the skin. Available in three different scents - lavender, fresh mint and cranberry, our natural foaming hand soaps are antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic. They smell delicious and actually moisturize your hands while doing a great job of cleaning all those nasty germs off. 

Our hand soaps are also gentle on your skin. Most soaps, hand washes, and hand sanitizers contain harsh chemicals that are extremely drying on the skin, so while they might get rid of germs, they end up hurting your hands. Not anymore, with our healthy and natural solution! 

Do yourself a favour and opt for a greener choice. Our natural hand soaps work, smell good and are not harmful to you, your family or the environment. Plus, they are available in two sizes, so that when your pump bottle is almost empty, you can use our bigger size to refill it.

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