Meet our new toothpaste!

After many months of research, we are very proud of the products we put on the market. If you were a fan of our Natural, and Fluoride-Free toothpaste, you won’t be disappointed by our new line of products. Made with natural and safe ingredients, our Naturapeutic Toothpaste will quickly become your new best friend in the bathroom.

Meet our four new formulas now available to better answer your needs.

Naturapeutic Extra Whitening Toothpaste

Naturapeutic extra whitening toothpaste contains mineral calcium hydroxyapatite clinically proven to whiten teeth naturally.

Naturapeutic Sensitive Toothpaste

Naturapeutic sensitive toothpaste clinically proven to shield teeth sensitivity.

Naturapeutic Enamel Protect Toothpaste

Naturapeutic enamel protect toothpaste contains mineral calcium hydroxyapatite clinically proven to protect enamel naturally.

Naturapeutic Kids Toothpaste

Naturapeutic kids toothpaste (Strawberry Flavour & Bubblegum Flavour) with natural xylitol.


Formulated to help prevent cavities, these kinds of toothpaste will also help to whiten your teeth, reduce painful sensitivity, provide a protective enamel shield to your teeth or provide your kid with an efficient product that is also safe to swallow.

As you read the ingredients, you may ask yourself what is xylitol, and if it’s safe for you and your family. Let us reassure you - it may sound like a weird and dangerous ingredient, but it is not! Xylitol tastes sweet, but it does not convert to acids that cause tooth decay like sugar would do. It also reduces decay-causing bacteria in saliva and can reduce cavity formation.

We are very happy that you can now introduce these new products to your life (and with these new flavours, we bet your kids will be happy to brush their teeth every day). 

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