New Year, New Me? Here’s how we can help with your resolutions!

‘Tis the season during which we all make resolutions. Want to go back to the gym? Spend more time with friends and family? Learn a new skill? These are all great ideas! If we could add one to the list, it would be to add more green and safe products to your life. It has such a huge impact on our lives and is way easier to do than you think!

New Year, New Me? Here’s how we can help with your resolutions!

Yes, it’s hard to break our habits - there are products that we’ve been using for years, if not forever, and if they worked in the past, why change them for new ones now? We’re not saying all the products out there are bad for you or the environment, but a lot of the mass products definitely deserve to be inspected - start by researching about the company that makes them or reading the list of ingredients. Spoiler alert: you may be surprised.

It can seem challenging to know where to start and what to change. Here’s a tip for you: instead of throwing everything you have and switch to greener products to honour your new resolution, spend some time researching when you’re about to run out of a specific product. To help you get a head start, we chose a few of our most popular products - ones that everyone will love.

There are products you simply can’t go wrong with. The first that comes to mind is our Organic & Natural Castile Soap and its many superpowers! From washing your vegetables to your home to yourself, this amazing multi-purpose soap does it all. Learn more about this essential household product by reading our article on the subject

Another product you should have a look at is the latest addition to our lineup - our Naturapeutic Toothpaste. Formulated to help prevent cavities, they will also help to whiten your teeth, reduce painful sensitivity, provide a protective enamel shield to your teeth or provide your kid with an efficient product that is also safe to swallow.

Looking to update your skincare routine? We have many products, from exfoliants to cleansers and makeup removers, we have them all! Are you scared of the chemicals that could be in contact with your kids? We developed products especially for them: sunscreens, shampoos, lotions, and many more!

As you can see, we have answers to your needs. However, you don’t have to change the entirety of your products tomorrow. It would be costly and you would probably end up making some poor choices along the way - take the time you need to do your research and find which ones you really like. Start from here and you’ll end up with products made with safe ingredients that you - and your family - will be happy to use every day!

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