The benefits of rosemary oil

Picture yourself sitting in a small cafe in Italy, enjoying the best focaccia you ever had. It is soft, moist, full of olive oil, and a touch of herbs - mostly rosemary. Back to your hotel room, you start reading the ingredients on your shampoo bottle because nothing screams vacation like some me-time and a good book - or in this case, your fave hair care product. Surprisingly enough, rosemary oil is on the list, which makes you think that it must be a mistake. What do the best bread in the world and your everyday shampoo have in common?

The benefits of rosemary oil

What are the benefits of rosemary oil?

As a matter of fact, rosemary oil has a few uncommonly known benefits that only a few people are aware of. Excellent for hair and scalp treatments, you can find this amazing ingredient in our Natural Hair Care products. With its woody and herbal scent, it is known to strengthen thin hair and help to prevent hair loss. It is astringent and antiseptic, cleaning and toning to the skin and scalp, and it stimulates and improves skin circulation and metabolism. This Organic certified essential oil is excellent for all skin types, particularly oily, acne-prone skin and eczema. Rosemary essential oil also speeds up the healing of wounds and burns by being a powerful antioxidant that is truly beneficial to the skin.

Made with natural ingredients, our shampoos and conditioners form the perfect duo, whether you are looking to add volume, moisturize, or just something to regenerate or invigorate! Available in three different scents - lavender, coconut or tea tree, they are sure to give your hair all the love it deserves.

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