‘Tis the season to go green!

With the Holiday season fast approaching, you’ll probably find yourself with an enormous to-do list (and an even longer shopping list)! Thankfully, we are here to help. Find everything you need in a few clicks and offer your entourage the best gift ever - a greener and healthier lifestyle!

‘Tis the season to go green!

Did you know that Canadians plan on spending $793 during the Holidays this year? That’s a lot of gifts, food, and bottles of wine. A recent survey revealed that 56% of adults confessed to getting at least one unwanted gift over the holidays in the past years - each gift costing approximately $50.

To make sure everyone is happy, offer them something they will use daily. Here’s an idea for you: a Green Beaver basket full of essentials, like skincare products, soaps, and lotions! Do you know someone who’s expecting a baby? They probably already have “the cutest outfit ever” in every colour. Why not give them something that they will use every day, like our line of Organic and Natural Baby Care Products?

Give your entourage the best gift they could ever receive - an introduction to the world of green products. Not only will they end up leading a healthier lifestyle with safer products, but they will also contribute to making our planet less polluted with chemical-free products.

In 2017, Zero Waste Canada estimated that Canadians would throw 540,000 tons of wrapping paper and gift bags over the holidays. That’s the equivalent of 100,000 elephants. Not only should you buy meaningful gifts, but maybe you should also consider wrapping them in a reusable tote bag or a basket to avoid additional waste.

The entire Green Beaver team wishes you a Happy Holiday Season! Enjoy this time of celebration with your family and friends!

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