Why Always Reading Labels Is Important

Have you ever met a product that has really cute packaging, is affordable and looks like it might be the one? Usually, it’s standing right in front of you, glowing in the middle of all the other products, and you can almost hear it calling your name. As soon as you grab it and start reading the ingredients, you realize you don’t know half of them. Don’t get us wrong, it’s normal for beauty products to sometimes have odd appellations. Still, it is important to be able to understand what you put on your skin rather than perhaps buying a product based on its eye-catching branding. Here are a few tips to keep in mind next time you’re hesitating between the trendy pink bottle and the more basic white one.

Always read the labels

First things first. When you’re reading a label, you should know that the ingredients are listed by quantity. So, the first ingredient on the list will be the one with the highest concentration. Usually, the first ingredient on the list is water. As you go down the list, you might encounter PCA Glyceryl Oleate or Ledum Groenlandicum Extract. As much as they might make your eyebrows raise, there’s actually nothing to worry about when it comes to their presence in a product. To help you navigate through ingredients with names longer than the alphabet, we suggest you visit Cosmeticsinfo.org. This website allows you to search for any ingredient that might make you think twice as well as offers a lot of pertinent additional information. 

Put your Latin skills to the test
Again, don’t let the length of the ingredients list scare you away. Unfortunately, many companies will include ingredients such as Rosmarinus Officinalis, which simply stands for rosemary in Latin. 

Other multi-syllable words may intimidate you, but it doesn’t mean the ingredient is unsafe if you can’t pronounce it. A simple search on your smartphone will have you smiling in no time. You can also take time at home to do some research. After all, you will be applying these products onto your skin and onto your family’s body. 

Unscented or not?
Be cautious of perfumes or fragrances. Companies do not have to disclose the ingredients that are present in any fragrance because of a trade secret law. Even though the list of ingredients on the label of your product looks safe, the perfume or fragrance it includes could contain many chemicals that could have an impact on your health or trigger allergies. Look for products containing natural fragrances and aromas such as essential oils. It is important to note that some people can still have a reaction to certain essential oils. If this is a concern for you, opt for an unscented version instead.

Yes, reading labels may not be the most exciting thing to do, but knowing what enters your home and is in direct contact with your skin is important. Take some time to do a little research every time you have to buy a new product, that way you won’t have to throw everything out, and you can switch to more natural products little by little.

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