Everything you need to know about Xylitol

Have you heard of Xylitol? This compound is gaining more and more popularity in the world of sugar-free sweeteners, but with a name like this, it definitely is a little scary. So, what exactly is Xylitol? Read the following to find out!

Everything you need to know about Xylitol

Categorized as a sugar alcohol (not to be confused with the alcohol you would find at happy hour), Xylitol is found in a large variety of fruits and vegetables. It is therefore considered as a natural sweetener - humans also produce small quantities daily.
It is a very good alternative to regular sugar especially for people with diabetes or other metabolic problems, as it contains 40% fewer calories. Also, because it contains no fructose, it has negligible effects on blood sugar levels.

What else can Xylitol do?
Many studies have determined that Xylitol is good for dental health. It helps prevent tooth decay and has a positive effect on inflammatory gum diseases like gingivitis. 
Oral bacteria feed on glucose which is responsible for plaque. When introducing Xylitol instead of glucose to the bacteria, you stop the process of plaque building. The bacteria will ingest the Xylitol, but will not be able to process any glucose afterward, which means that it will end up dying.
Preliminary studies also suggest that Xylitol can help with the absorption of calcium, which helps strengthen teeth.

It is based on this data (and a little more research we won’t bore you with) that we decided to add Xylitol to our newest line of all-natural, fluoride-free Naturapeutic Toothpaste. Available in 3 different formulas to better answer your needs, plus 2 flavours that are 100% safe to swallow for kids, these all-natural toothpaste are sure to give your teeth everything they want, plus it will fight harmful bacteria in no time!
Say goodbye to regular sugar and add Xylitol to your life!

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