Life Hacks to make your life easier (and greener)!

Is there anything more satisfying than discovering new uses of everyday products to accomplish new tasks? Well, probably… But still, we are always looking for new tips and tricks to make our lives a little easier.

Life Hacks to make your life easier (and greener)!

Dry and cracked hands? We’ve got you covered!
Our Lip Balms don’t need an introduction - they are huge stars among all Green Beaver lovers and have saved the lives of many (lips) over the years. But did you know that you can use their superpowers on your hands? With virus season in full swing, trips to the sink to wash your hands are probably more frequent than you can count on your (now cracked) fingers. Applying hand cream every time is annoying and sometimes feels like a waste. Cue your new fave friend to the rescue: our Organic and Natural Lip Balm. Since you probably always have a tube in your pocket or purse, it will easily form a barrier over rough skin and do wonders to bring back your soft and delicate hands just in time for summer.

Castile Soap for...everything
You know how much we love everything about our Castile Soap and how you can do just about anything with it. From helping you clean your house from top to bottom, to becoming your new laundry detergent and dish soap, there are countless uses for Liquid Castile Soap. Take a look at our blog post entirely dedicated to this topic, as it includes many recipes and ideas on how to make the most of this amazing product!


Give your hairbrush and makeup brushes a good clean
We tend to forget the things we do and use too often. Do you remember the last time you took the time to clean your hairbrush? Was it a few weeks ago, or was it more like months? We’re not saying your hair is not always perfectly clean and radiant, but chances are your hairbrush is covered in a layer of products, dirt, and germs that you don't want to put on your hair every time you brush it.

What is the simplest solution for having a sparkling clean hairbrush without having to purchase a new one every two months? Give it a good cleaning with your favourite shampoo! Whether you choose the Lavender, the Tea tree oil or the Coconut formula, your hairbrush (as well as your hair and scalp) will thank you.


There are many other ways to use our products to make your life better, easier and cleaner. Let us know if you’d like a second part to this blog post, and share your tips and tricks with us! We can’t wait to find out how our products play a different role in your life!

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