The Truth About Antibacterial Products

While the cold weather persists and all friends and colleagues seem to be fighting a different virus every week, it's definitely a good idea to want to protect ourselves. What is the best solution? It is much simpler than you might think.

The Truth About Antibacterial Products

In recent years, antibacterial products have multiplied and are now part of our daily lives. Whether in the form of wipes, spray, liquid soap or disinfecting waterless hand gel, it is easy to build a collection of products that will protect us from almost all bacteria, germs, and microbes. These products claim they kill bacteria at a 99.9% efficiency rate. However, their use raises new concerns, as studies have shown that they could contribute to antibiotic resistance.

The idea behind this theory is that to survive the “attack” from the antibacterial products, the bacteria would mutate to be able to survive. The concern is that this mutation could also make the bacteria resistant to antibiotics prescribed by doctors, leading to more problems, as we are beginning to witness in the past years.

The safe and easy solution
So what is the solution to adequately protect yourself? A product that has been around you every day since your childhood - soap. The best way to protect yourself from all germs, bacteria, microbes, and dirt is a good old recipe requiring only two ingredients, water and soap. Unlike antibacterial products, soap will not kill your sworn enemies but will remove them from your hands or from any other surface, which is much more effective.

It is also worth noting that antibacterial products are made with several chemical ingredients that have been the subject of studies studying their impact on our bodies. Until recently, almost all of these antibacterial products contained triclosan, a chemical compound that is frequently linked to cancer and is considered to be a hormone disruptor. It is very likely that some of the ingredients found in these “miracle” products are not the cleanest and safest in the world (without wanting to make a dubious joke).

The safest and most effective solution to eliminating bacteria is to opt for natural soaps. Whether you choose our natural and organic Castile Soap, which will allow you to accomplish several other tasks in the house (and get rid of even more bacteria), or our Natural foaming hand soap, you’re on the safe side when it comes to protecting yourself from the flu and its BFFs. The biggest secret? Repeat as often as possible.

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