A quick introduction to the Castile soap

One of the most popular products in our range, and this since its launch is undoubtedly our Castile soap. It is loved by everyone for many reasons - it can be used for so many things, it is made from natural ingredients, is vegan, biodegradable and much more.

A quick introduction to the Castile soap

We receive several questions from our community in regards to this multi-use soap, so here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Is our Castile soap true to the original recipe?

Castile soap dates back hundreds of years. Originating from the region of Castile in Spain, it was originally made from olive oil. Instead, we chose to use sunflower oil for several reasons. The first is very simple: there is an abundance of sunflower oil produced in Canada, which allows us to make this soap from local ingredients. We, therefore, encourage local producers, in addition to reducing our environmental impact by avoiding importing large quantities of olive oil. Furthermore, sunflower oil is rich in vitamin E, acting as an antioxidant for the body, improving the appearance of the skin while promoting cell regeneration.

Learn more about the benefits of sunflower seed oil by reading our blog post on the subject.

How can I use Castile soap?

The list is long, and we are discovering, even to this day, new uses by sharing with our friends and members of our community. From cleaning the house or fruits and vegetables to bathing the dog, brushing your teeth or washing clothes, some people get quite creative when it comes to their use of this multi-usage product.

Do you have recipes?

The most popular question! There are several recipes available, and everyone seems to have their theories and secrets on the best ways to use this miracle product. Here are our most practical and popular recipes:

All-purpose soap: Add ⅓ cup of Castile soap to 1 liter of water in a spray bottle. Adjust the proportions for tasks (and stains) that require even more power!

Floor cleaner: Add ½ cup of castile soap to 10 liters of hot water, and enjoy the sweet smell of essential oils to remind you that your home is clean, rather than the artificial and harmful scents of industrial products.

Sinus decongestant: Do you have the flu, or suffer from seasonal allergies? Add a few drops of our frosty mint Castile soap to a bowl of hot water, and breathe in the steam. You will feel like you are rediscovering your nasal passage. Goodbye congestion!

Body Soap: Keep a pump bottle filled with the Castile soap of your choice in the shower, then add it to a wet washcloth. Economical, efficient and easy to use!

Dish Soap: Mix one part of soap with 10 parts of water in a large bottle and you just found your new kitchen ally. This miracle worker does not contain the harmful products of most dish soap from major brands, which is good for your hands, and only costs a fraction of the price.


There are many other possible uses for our Liquid Castile soap, but as you can see, the result is always the same - it works, it is safe for your family, and will save you money! Share your recipes and tips with us, we love to find out how you use them!

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