Why are organic products better for you (and the planet)?

We all know that it's best to buy products made from organic ingredients, but why exactly? Whether it is food, cleansers, or skincare products, there are many advantages to choosing organic products, both for our personal health as well as the planet.

Why are organic products better for you (and the planet)?

Buying an organic product means to rest assured that it has been produced under strict rules in order to meet rigorous standards. Exposure to chemical residues has been shown to be greatly reduced when organic products are used allowing your body to be less often in contact with herbicides or pesticides. We obviously think of the food that finds its way on our table, but we should also factor in the various products that use natural ingredients, such as our body lotions or our hair products made with organic aloe vera, and our Pure Castile soap made with Canadian sunflower seed oil.

By opting for an organic product, you choose to embrace a lifestyle and environmental values. Farmers providing organic products care about the health of the planet by putting aside the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, GMOs, and all antibiotics and growth hormones. By working in harmony with nature, organic producers also treat the resource of water in a much more responsible way by ensuring that they generate healthy soils without using chemical fertilizers. They also offer more interesting biodiversity than industrial agriculture.

It can sometimes be difficult to make the right choice and opt for an organic product at all times. Is it better to consume an organic product from Mexico or a product that is not certified organic but that is local? Each situation is unique, and we should keep an open mind in navigating responsibly through the different options available. On the other hand, there is no doubt that when it is possible to do so and that it makes sense, choosing an organic product is good for you and for the planet.

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