New Parents: Here are the essentials you need in your life

Becoming a new parent is one of the greatest moments in life, but it is also a time when questions, fears and changes arise. As a matter of fact, Green Beaver was born when its founders, Karen and Alain, wanted to start a family but could not find natural products (for the baby and for the house) that lived up to their expectations. Because they didn't want their baby to be in contact with chemicals, they started the company we know today as Green Beaver.

New Parents: Here are the essentials you need in your life

There are various items that allow new parents to offer their babies the best of everything, but there are also products that we sometimes forget to take a closer look at since they have been in our life for a while. Have you taken the time to read the ingredients on your bottle of floor cleaner? Before you know it, your little one will wipe his hands on the floor, and sooner or later they will end up in his mouth. Here’s a simple solution: get rid of cleaning soaps filled with chemicals and opt for Castile soap, made from sunflower seed oil. The latter is completely natural and can be used on floors as well as in the bathroom, or in the kitchen while cleaning fruits and vegetables.

The same question arises for the hand soap that sits next to your sink - are the ingredients used ones that you would use on your baby? After washing your hands, you will most likely take your baby in your arms or feed him, which makes for the perfect opportunity to use an all-natural soap, like our natural foaming hand soap.

Given our desire to offer healthy products for the whole family, we have also developed baby care products. Whether you are looking for a baby wash, a body lotion or a diaper cream; our line of baby products is the best choice for your little one. To soothe your baby’s skin, we perfected an organic process that extracts the wholesome elements of chamomile flowers, coconut, lavender, avocado, and sunflower oils. Our natural skin care products will help regenerate your baby's skin while maintaining its hydration.

The arrival of a new family member will provoke several reflections, and some decisions will be more difficult to make than others. You can remain confident, by opting for natural products that contain no chemicals, helping you welcome your little one in the best way possible, in addition to giving a helping hand to the planet.

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