Adopt a zen lifestyle to better deal with our new reality

We are all looking for ways to adapt to our new reality and transformed everyday life. Our habits have been disrupted and our morale affected - our life is no longer the same, which causes many changes and breaks in our routine. A good way to find some peace and to adapt to our new life is by adopting healthy habits to support our daily life.

Adopt a zen lifestyle to better deal with our new reality

Where to start?

The most important point is certainly to stay active. Taking on a new physical activity does not necessarily mean that you must aim to run a marathon in the next year. Sometimes a long walk is all it takes to get some fresh air and sunshine, the same with yoga or meditation. The most important thing is to take time for your well-being and to respect the moment.

It is also important to live in a home where you feel good and comfortable. Perhaps try renovating a room! Why not start with a little paint? Having a Spring cleaning weekend to get rid of the unnecessary allows you to see more clearly and reclaim your space. If you feel good in your environment, you will also have better morale and be able to accomplish much more. Psst! Do not hesitate to add plants everywhere. By inviting the outdoors inside, your new green home will be filled with natural life.

Take time for yourself. The different technologies that are part of our lives mean that work often interferes at home and in our daily lives, even when office hours are (supposed) to be behind us. Plan time slots where you cannot be reached. Use these moments for an activity with family or friends, to read or take a nap. A little rest allows you to regain a level of energy that will make you even more productive!

Revisit your skincare routine with natural products like our Sensitive Aloe Day Cream or our Sensitive Aloe Natural Exfoliant. These few minutes of self-care are a good time to think quietly and take a break from computer screens or your phone.

Sometimes a few changes are enough to improve your daily life and lower your stress level. Take time for yourself and do not hesitate to leave your old habits behind in order to refocus.

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