Our thank you note to essential workers

The past few months have shown us the importance of community and establishing connections with our neighbors, merchants, and friends in order to help each other go through this unparalleled ordeal. The pandemic has also made us realize that we are privileged to have the opportunity to count on front line workers who do everything in their power to take care of us.

Our thank you note to essential workers

We had the pleasure of visiting some of our frontline workers, and as a small thank-you gesture, we were happy to give them some of our products! It is an honor for our team to be able to demonstrate our respect and admiration for these heroes who have so much courage and dedication.

Our gesture is symbolic and minuscule when compared to the sacrifices people working in a hospital environment have faced since the beginning of the crisis, but sometimes it only takes a simple gesture to give a good dose of courage and hope to people who really need it.

Thank you to all front line workers. Thank you to our community for supporting us in these uncertain times. We hope that we will draw some positivity from this situation and that although it has brought its share of misfortunes and sadness, it pushes us to reevaluate ourselves.



We have the power to demand change and sometimes a spark is enough to start the fire.


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