Taking care of your hands the good way - a complete guide.

We often associate skin problems with cold weather, but constantly washing our hands plus covering them in sanitizer is reason enough to give them a little tender loving care too. We’ve assembled a few products you should add to your life so that you can get your soft hands back.

Taking care of your hands the good way - a complete guide.

The most important: the right soap

Start by using a natural hand soap instead of a product that contains chemical ingredients and artificial fragrances. These are extremely drying on the skin, so while they might get rid of germs, they end up hurting your hands. Our Organic and Natural foaming hand soaps smell delicious and actually moisturize your hands while doing a great job of getting rid of all those germs. Available in three different scents, all that’s left to do is choose which one to try first!

Second step: A Little Extra Love

To lock-in the moisturizing effects of our hand soap, use a cream or lotion right after you wash your hands. Our Extra Dry Skin Body Lotion is specially formulated to replenish dry skin. Enriched with cocoa and shea butter for maximum nourishment and hydration, your skin will feel soft and smooth. 

If the skin around your nails is cracked or peeling, use a Natural lip balm and gently pat the areas that are dry. This will help rebuild the skin on your fingers and give you a beautiful at-home manicure.

To answer an important need, we’ve developed a hand sanitizer that’s 100% natural. Using this product instead of well-known brands will also definitely help with your health in general, especially with your hands. Approved by Health Canada, our All-Natural Hand Sanitizer will help you get rid of germs and bacteria, and the added glycerin will keep your hands hydrated.

Add these few tips to your daily routine and watch your soft and delicate hands say thank you on repeat.

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