Finally, a simple yet effective skincare routine!

We all know how important it is to take care of our skin considering it is the largest organ of the body. Having a good skincare routine is a great way to show your body how much you care. Because our skin responds to weather changes, it’s never a bad idea to update your skincare routine for winter and summer. As the beautiful, sunny season of summer is here, here are a few tips and tricks to keep your skin healthy, happy and beautiful.

Finally, a simple yet effective skincare routine!

Meet your morning routine

There’s no better way to start your day than with a fresh and clean face. Use our Gel Cleanser to get rid of impurities. Made with organic aloe vera concentrate combined with soothing chamomile, our cleanser helps relieve red, irritated sensitive skin while the purifying grapefruit gently dissolves excess oils leaving your skin to feel clean, fresh, and balanced. Psst! If you have acne-prone skin, this is the perfect product for your face!

The next step is to hydrate your skin to give your face a beautiful and radiant complexion. Our Sensitive Aloe Natural Day Cream uses the famous benefits of aloe vera's light texture as well as the antioxidants in green tea to soothe the most delicate of skins. With the help of jojoba and sunflower oil, your skin will stay moisturized and balanced from dawn till dusk. Again, If you have acne-prone skin, this moisturizer was made for you!

The last step is one that is so important, we are always amazed to see how many people skip it. Finish your skincare routine with the Face Cream Natural Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 25. We often associate sunscreen with a day at the beach or with vacation, but it should be a part of your daily routine (even when it’s not really sunny outside). Our SPF 25 sunscreen is one that coats the face with a rejuvenating layer of moisturizing and hydrating solution that acts more like a sun-blocking lotion than an average sunscreen.

And your night routine

Your night routine is as easy as day one, only with a few minor tweaks. Start on the right foot with a Natural Makeup Remover. Our extra gentle, natural stingless makeup remover uses organic sunflower oil and grapeseed oils to effortlessly remove even the most stubborn waterproof mascaras. Soothing aloe vera soothes and calms the delicate skin around the eyes.

Then, to soothe the skin after a long day outside, use our Gel Cleanser to prepare for the next step. To bring your night routine to the next level, use our Sensitive Aloe Natural Exfoliant every other day as a replacement for the cleanser. The bamboo micro-fibers bend and flex to gently remove dead skin without irritating your skin while purifying grapefruit will gently dissolve excess oils. Organic aloe vera concentrate relieves red, irritated sensitive skin, leaving your skin to feel soft, smooth, and balanced.

The last step is to apply our Extra Dry Skin Natural Face Cream. What if you don’t have dry skin? You can never hydrate too much, so this formulation will work wonders for your complexion. Enriched with cocoa and shea butter for maximum nourishment and hydration, your skin will feel soft and smooth.

There you have it! All that you need now is discipline. For great and healthy skin, the most important secret is to never skip your skincare routine. Even when you’re too tired to spend 5 minutes in the bathroom!

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