The answers to your questions!

We love hearing from you when you have questions about our products, when you just tried one of our products and want to give us feedback, or when you have general questions about the company. We decided to answer a few of the most popular questions we receive every week!

The answers to your questions!

Are natural products as effective as “regular” ones?
We believe in our products and in our research and development process so much that we can answer this question without a shadow of a doubt - yes, our natural products are as effective as the other products you’ll find on the market, if not more so.

We grew up thinking that a product had to have a strong smell to be effective, hence the classic “It smells clean in here!” when you enter a room on cleaning day. What we didn’t know was that the smell we thought was a sign of cleanliness, was actually the smell of harsh chemicals.

You can trust our products made of natural ingredients - they were formulated by a team of scientists that test many versions of a product before it goes on the market to make sure it is safe, effective and a good option for your whole family.

Will you introduce new packaging that are more eco-friendly?
Yes, we are working at developing new packaging for our products. It takes a long time to do so because we want to make sure that we choose the right one for many reasons. It has to be a good choice for the environment but it also has to keep our products safe and efficient.

Making the transition to more eco-friendly packaging is something we are working diligently on with our team. Stay tuned, we can’t wait to announce our new options!

I heard that fragrances can be dangerous for our health - are your products safe?
We tackled this subject in the past, but we understand why it’s a question we get often. Many studies have shown that several chemicals hide behind fragrances and can trigger a multitude of adverse reactions among consumers.

Most of our products are scented using organic essential oils. For certain products, such as our Green Beaver Junior line for babies and kids, we use a certified organic food flavouring.  Although they're meant to be eaten, organic food flavourings also smell great. We use them because essential oils can sometimes be unsuitable for extra sensitive skin whereas food flavouring is very gentle.

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