When and why to choose kids products

Looking at all the products available on the shelves of our favourite wellness stores, we quickly realize that many of them are available in different versions to better answer specific needs. From different scents, formulas, SPF, and products for sensitive skin, plus more. Additionally, there is a kid-friendly version. Is it really necessary to have two versions of each product - an adult and a kid-friendly one? Not necessarily all the time. We have decided to compare them to help you navigate through the differences these products have.

When and why to choose kids products

Where to start?

The first thing when trying to figure out if a product is kid-safe is to look for fragrances. This applies to adults as well, but even more so to children who have very delicate skin. You should always be looking for fragrance-free products or ones that are scented with essential oils. Fragrances can contain chemicals that have negative effects on your health and can trigger allergic reactions.

When available, certain products specifically formulated for kids will be better for them, as our Junior Beaver line. Why? Take our Boreal Berries Kids Natural Shampoo for example. The tear-free properties are definitely a must. However, it’s also made with natural ingredients that will hydrate, moisturize, and nourish your little one’s mane. Same goes for our Boreal Berries Kids Natural Bubble Bath. Made without any of the chemicals we usually find in these kind of products. You can let your kids have fun during bath time without having to worry about the sulfates, phthalates, and other parabens of the world. That being said, is it safe to use your adult shampoo on your kids if you run out of their Junior Beaver? Absolutely.

Another product that was formulated for kids and that actually makes a big difference in the world of parents is toothpaste. We are happy to offer two different versions of our Naturapeutic Toothpaste for kids. Whether you opt for the strawberry or the bubble gum, you can let them brush their teeth without having to worry - they are 100% natural and safe to swallow.

The biggest difference between the adults and kids version is that we usually try to add ingredients that will take care of their delicate skin - we will use a formulation that moisturizes and hydrates more than the regular version.

However, for many products, you can always use the adult version on your kids. Just make sure to make some research before, and in doubt, drop us a line, we’ll help you figure out if your Green Beaver product is safe for the whole family! 

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