Our Kids Natural Bubble Bath is recommended by PTPA!

Green Beaver was started with the goal to introduce more household and skincare products that are safe for the whole family. It’s with lots of joy that we’ve learned that our Boreal Berries Kids Natural Bubble Bath received the PTPA seal of approval. Parents Tested Parents Approved (PTPA) is an online community of parents who share their impressions on products they test and that are safe for your family.

Our Kids Natural Bubble Bath is recommended by PTPA!

Meet Junior Beaver: our line of organic hair and body care products for kids!
Many chemical ingredients in personal care products can be absorbed through the skin, then enter our bodies. Children have a greater surface-area-to-body-weight ratio than adults which puts them at a much greater risk! They also have a more sensitive skin than adults, which means they react more easily to the ingredients they are in touch with.

Our Junior Beaver products are formulated with natural and safe ingredients. Whether you opt for the Boreal Berries Kids Shampoo, the Natural Conditioning Detangler or the Boreal Berries Kids Natural Bubble Bath, rest assured that your kids are in good hands. Ideal for delicate skin, this line is infused with natural ingredients such as Canadian grown berries and carrot oil, to help nourish, hydrate, and protect skin and hair. You can let your kiddo enjoy bath time without having to worry about chemicals that could trigger allergic reactions.

Good news! To celebrate our PTPA seal of approval for our Boreal Berries Kids Natural Bubble Bath, the entire Junior Beaver line is 30% off until the end of August! Time to discover new products or to stock up!
Find the Junior Beaver line here: https://greenbeaver.com/en/products/junior-beaver

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