Why you should wear sunscreen everyday

Do you wear sunscreen everyday? The only correct answer is yes, and here’s why. Before you jump ahead because you’ve “heard this all before”, take a quick sec to read this. Your future self (and your skin) will thank you! Even if you aren’t worried about skyrocketing skin cancer rates, exposure to the sun’s rays can cause premature aging.

Why you should wear sunscreen everyday

Here are some jaw-dropping statistics: the diagnosis of non-melanoma skin cancers jumped 77 percent between 1994 and 2014, with 90 percent of those cases linked to exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun!

It's also been reported that between 2008 and 2018, the number of new melanoma cases diagnosed increased annually by 53 percent.

There are still many beautiful days left in the summer, so it’s definitely not a bad idea to up your sun protection game.

Add it to your routine and wear it every day- even on cloudy or rainy days and especially between the peak hours of 10am and 2pm.

Tips on choosing sunscreen: be sure the label says “broad spectrum” so it protects against all types of UV rays, and that it has an SPF of 25 or higher. Any sunscreen with an SPF below 15 must carry a warning that it protects only against sunburn, not skin cancer or skin aging.

This is why our all-natural SPF 27 sunscreen is a favourite of parents. This year it won the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, as did the SPF 40 and the Face Cream SPF 25. Once you use one of them, you’ll see why!

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