Tips for a successful and safe return-to-school

September is here and with it comes a lot of changes to our routines. Whether it's back to school, back to work or to activities after the summer break, our schedules are about to change in the coming weeks. We will have to change our habits and adapt our routine to this new reality, which is still affected by the pandemic. With a little preparation and a few tips and essentials, this return to school will go smoothly, promise of Green Beaver!

Tips for a successful and safe return-to-school

With September also comes the many outings necessary to resume our various activities, meetings and public environments. This is why the first essential to add to your daily life, in order to protect yourself, is our All-Natural Hand Sanitizer

Made with natural ingredients and without chemicals, it gets rid of bacteria and germs in seconds, without leaving an unpleasant texture on the hands. Add a bottle in the car, in your little one's school bag and at the entrance of the house, so that you always have it on hand.

If your kids are going back to school or you have meetings with clients, it's normal to worry about bringing germs home. Get into the habit of wiping frequently used surfaces like the kitchen counter, computer keyboard, but especially the front door and closet door. Our All-Purpose Soap is ideal for this kind of task as it works on all surfaces, is nontoxic and gentle on the hands. A few seconds of cleaning will help eliminate any germs from your home.

Don't lose the habit of washing your hands as soon as you come home. We have said it often since the start of the pandemic, but with September shaking up our habits and routines, now is not the time to forget about it. While our hand sanitizer is a great way to get rid of germs and bacteria when you're outside, nothing works better than soap and water to keep you safe. Use our Foaming Hand Soap to fight the virus with a natural, chemical-free product.

In order to experience a smooth start to the new school year with your little ones, take the time to explain to them the importance of listening carefully to the instructions of the teachers, who will have their hands full with these new back to school routines. Also, take the time to answer their questions and listen to them when they find a situation is unfair or incomprehensible. If your child feels insecure or does not understand things in their new environment, they may develop anxiety and frustrations that could limit their social interactions or interfere with their development. To help them transition into their new reality, why not introduce new rules at home? It's the kids who decide what’s on the menu on Friday night! We get to go to bed an hour later on Saturday! Try to turn the situation into something positive, to help them through these challenging times.

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