6 tips for Halloween, 2020 edition

Good news, Halloween hasn't been canceled! However, with the virus still present, this can be alarming for some people. Don't be afraid, we are going to give you some tips to stay safe.

6 tips for Halloween, 2020 edition

You’re trick-or-treating, the basic rules remain essential:

  • Keeping a distance of two meters between each family is important.
  • Wearing a mask to be extra careful. We even thought of easy costumes to create with a mask: a surgeon, a ninja, or a dentist. Also, use your imagination to create Halloween masks by drawing a cowboy mustache, animal muzzle, or vampire teeth on them.
  • Always carry hand sanitizer with you and remember to wash your hands with antiseptic soap when you get home.
  • Clean each candy wrapper or leave them in quarantine.

You stay at home to give candy to the children:

  • Stay outside your home to prevent children from having to come ring or knock on your door.
  • Do not let children put their hands in the candy bowl, serve them directly, without contact.

If you are at risk and want to eliminate the chances of catching a virus, maybe it would be better for you not to give away candy this year. To make sure you don't confuse children and keep them from approaching your home, turn off the lights in your entryway and do not decorate the exterior of your home.

The night is over, the kids are safely eating their candy, and now you are ready to remove Dracula's makeup from your face with a gentle, natural cleanser. Trick-or-treating was a success, and like a ninja, the virus was avoided!

Enjoy Halloween safely ?

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