Holiday Gift Ideas

We know the holidays will be celebrated differently this year. Canadians around the country are still clinging to the hope of a somewhat normal Christmas. Fortunately, Canada’s toughest province in terms of COVID-19 cases, Quebec, recently announced that people will be permitted to visit their loved ones despite the pandemic (under certain conditions). This might offer a glimmer of hope for the rest of Canada’s provinces. We want to be able to share the magic of Christmas with our family so we can all unwrap our presents together. Speaking of gifts, have you been able to find a little something for everyone? Always keeping an adequate distance, let them know you care by giving them a thoughtful gift.

Holiday Gift Ideas

For those who need to take the first step towards natural products, we recommend that you offer them a house essential: our All-Purpose Natural Soap. This will prevent them from using toxic products to clean their floors, dishes, bathrooms, and more. To add a little extra product, our Lavender Body Lotion will make a lot of people happy.

For skincare enthusiasts, have you thought about offering them an exfoliant? It may seem simple, however, this necessary product in a routine is often ignored. Made from bamboo microfibers, our Sensitive Aloe Natural Exfoliant contains no plastic particles that can damage the environment. Complete this gift with our Extra Dry Face Cream. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

For families, there are three simple options available to you depending on the age of your kids. We have our range of Junior Beaver for children which offers various products with the sweet scent of Boreal Berries. Likewise, our range of Natural Baby Care will appeal to families who have just welcomed a newborn baby. And finally, if you are looking to give a relevant gift to a family with teenagers, our Foaming Hand Soap is ideal (especially in times of a pandemic).

Finally, there are those who also have Christmas stockings to fill. Don't miss out on our Natural Hand Sanitizer, it’s a must! In addition, small and practical, our Natural Lip Balm will be the perfect complementary product to any gift. If you’re doing a small gathering, make the most of the holiday season by keeping a safe distance, minimizing the number of people in the gathering, and assigning only one person to serve food.

Take care of yourself and others.

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