How to beat the November Blues

The sun sets earlier, the temperature grows colder, the trees are bare, the wind becomes freezing; November is slowly settling in. All of these changes are bringing people down a bit. In general, it is well known that this is not everyone's most loved month. Some are longing for the start of winter, others are already missing summer. Sometimes November can seem long and endless. That's why we're here to help you keep your spirits up.

How to beat the November Blues

Want to stay at home and take some time for yourself? Pick a book that thrills you and take a warm, comforting bath. Sometimes it doesn't take a lot to feel better. Note that hot water can dehydrate the skin, you only need to apply a good layer of Natural Body Lotion to maintain skin comfort.

Need to be active? Everybody out! Now is a great time to go for some outdoor hikes with the family. The smell of the leaves in autumn is so pleasant, and the fresh air allows the lungs to oxygenate well. Dress warmly and don’t forget to apply Mineral Sunscreen. Pay close attention to the weather, the first snow often arrives in November and there is no time more romantic than this.

When times get tougher, slow down, take three deep breaths, heat some hot water for your tea, and relax quietly. You will see the benefits chasing the blues. Happiness always resurfaces!

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