Lavender: from nature to home

The properties of lavender are a prominent mainstay in our homes.. Used in many of our natural personal care products, lavender oil is one of our favourite ingredients for many reasons.

Lavender: from nature to home

First off, its calming effect works on the nervous system in a natural way and without side effects. To help improve the quality of your sleep, apply our Lavender Body Lotion before bed. You can also incorporate a few drops of lavender oil into your diffuser to further experience the benefits of aromatherapy. Close your eyes and let your body relax naturally.

Additionally, lavender has antibacterial properties. Therefore, it was an easy decision for us to incorporate it into our 100% Natural Disinfectant. People love the smell and enjoy the fact that it's not sticky. Each member of a family should have their own disinfectant. Apply it several times a day, it will protect you from the virus without drying your hands.

This plant is well known for its calming effects. Safe for your little ones, this ingredient is also found in our Organic Baby Care products. In addition to its sweet scent that stimulates relaxation, lavender has anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces skin irritation and preserves skin hydration. 

We believe that every home should have a healthy dose of lavender to decrease anxiety attacks and sleep disturbances. 

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