Here's our recap of 2020

A lot happened in 2020! The virus forced many people to slow down and turn to basic needs. A good thing to remember is that we’ve seen an increase in local purchases in Canada and more and more people caring about the environment. This allowed us to further develop our family business.

Green Beaver has changed a lot due to COVID-19. We had been selling Natural Hand Soap for years, but since the start of the pandemic we’ve seen our sales increase like never before. There was also the launch of our Natural Hand Sanitizer which didn’t exist prior to the pandemic. Also, this event increased our sales territory. Aside from changing our top sellers, it has also positively affected where we sell our products. We have started to export to the USA and China. When a company is growing rapidly, it is important to double the efforts to increase the quantity of production while ensuring quality natural products. With the development that has grown internationally, we are proud and grateful to be a client of RBC. This helps us financially propel our business and continue to innovate. We are aiming for beautiful and big projects for 2021 ?

We are so grateful for this wave of love and encouragement coming from our community over the years, which is why it’s only natural we give back. It is by creating various contests that we have enabled several families to receive 100% natural products for the body and for the home. We won’t stop there!

Thank you, without your support, all this would not be possible. Have a happy holiday season!

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