How Green gives back to the planet

Being a proudly natural and Canadian company, it is essential for us to be transparent to our community about our actions and our production. Obviously, Green Beaver offers products that do not harm humans, animals or the environment. How do we do it?

How Green gives back to the planet

First of all, we never stop educating consumers about the risks of chemicals found in most homes. While maintaining our commitment and developing a more and more responsible approach, we want to act for a sustainable world and inspire our community to do the same.

In 2009, we were officially certified Ecocert. This means that we bring better production practices and offer natural and organic cosmetic products. Our natural ingredients are as effective as synthetic ingredients, but without any toxins, because we use ingredients made by "green technology".

Here are two of our favourite products that are good for the planet: Natural Exfoliant and All-Natural Mineral Sunscreen. Unlike many scrubs on the market, ours is made from bamboo microfibers. No plastic particles are found in the formula, which is extremely important because there are small plastic beads in water, such as the oceans, and this becomes a danger to marine life. Additionally, in order to rectify the damage to coral by a majority of toxic and harmful sunscreens, it was our priority to offer the very first mineral sunscreen made in Canada. Trust our safe and biodegradable products.

We are currently working on the development of 100% eco-friendly packaging. Great things take time. Stay tuned!

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