Make the most of winter vacation

Winter vacation is being extended this year! The restrictions may limit your favorite winter activities, but that shouldn’t stop you from making the most of this great season. No matter if you’re celebrating in the city or the countryside, we have the perfect activities for you this holiday season.

Outdoor activities:

Dress warmly and go play in the snow! Bring your sled and find a good snow mountain to slide. You can also build your own slide with snow and willpower.

Take a walk and observe the wildlife around you and ask yourself these questions: What birds do you hear? Who made the tracks in the snow? How many squirrel nests do you find? Your children will love exploring!

If you have access to a frozen pond or lake, you know what to do. Put on your skates and play some hockey or do pirouettes while practicing your figure skating.

Get creative with the snow! Have an epic snowball fight! Or for more passive people, sticky snow always arouses a touch of nostalgia. Now is the perfect time to build the biggest snowman.

For all outdoor activities, don’t forget about the importance of natural sunscreen.

Indoor activities:

Organize a treasure hunt by hiding little clues around the house.

Making homemade Christmas cookies is always a good idea.

Create a fort with pillows, then put old Christmas movies on the TV. Children will think they are in an enchanted world, far from the pandemic and modern civilization.

Bring out your board games and have fun playing them all one after the other, like a non-electronics gaming marathon.

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