7 acts of kindness to brighten one’s day

Add a little spark to 2021 by doing acts of kindness to those around you. Whether it's your loved ones or strangers, every gesture counts.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

1. Clear snow from a car.

Not long ago, a person passed a hospital parking lot and cleared away several cars that belonged to the employees. What a nice idea!

2. Give hand sanitizer to a person.

It’s now part of our daily life to disinfect our hands multiple times a day. Why not give someone a natural hand sanitizer? It could be your child's teacher, your neighbourhood mailman, or just a friend.

3. Prepare food for loved ones.

A lasagna, a spaghetti sauce, or a good soup always warms people's hearts. Providing a tasty meal to loved ones can greatly help them rest.


4. Remove the snow from your neighbour’s stairs.

If you’re an early bird in the morning and there was a nice snowfall the day before, put on your boots and get out to clear your driveway as well as your neighbour’s. Getting moving and shovelling snow in the morning will wake you up.

5. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you.

Whether at the drive-thru or inside the place where you usually buy your coffee, ask the cashier to add the order of the person behind you to your bill. It's a nice surprise that helps start the day off right.

6. Give a coat to a homeless person.

We often have coats that pile up in the closet. This winter, clean up! If there is at least one that you can easily get rid of, give it to a homeless person in need. Winter is getting colder and not everyone has the necessary clothes to stay warm.

7. Give a massage to your lover.

Was the day more stressful than usual for your partner? Give her/him a shoulder and neck massage- it will release the accumulated tensions. Use a natural cream to allow for better comfort during the massage. Bonus points for the aromatherapy that our lavender cream offers.

Whether you believe it or not, karma does exist.  What goes around comes around. The trick is not to expect anything in return. People notice good deeds and want to give back. All together, let's spread simple acts of kindness.

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