Leave The Chemicals Behind and Opt for an Aluminum-Free Antiperspirant!

For many, choosing to introduce natural and safe products is linked to a reaction in the ingredients found in the products they have used for several years. Unsurprisingly, deodorants and antiperspirants are often the cause of allergies or skin problems, leading many to look for a natural option. We’ve invested hours and hours of research to develop an antiperspirant without aluminum, without chemical ingredients while remaining effective.

We wanted to meet our community’s demands, so we’ve developed a brand new technology called NaturaDri™. This unique formula forms a natural barrier with wax esters of jojoba flowers, mimosa and several other plant extracts to help keep you dry. Tested by dermatologists, our aluminum-free antiperspirant is clinically proven to be soothing to the skin, non-irritant and hypoallergenic. The formula is infused with skin conditioning natural plant ingredients to help soothe the skin, even after hair removal.

After several months on the market, it has proven itself and is now adopted by many.

“Well, after over two months of using it daily, I can safely say that Green Beaver aluminum-free antiperspirant works and I would recommend it! It uses a revolutionary NaturaDriTMtechnology that creates a naturally safe moisture barrier, which is clinically proven to protect against sweat, wetness and odour. It’s also tested by dermatologists and has proven to be hypoallergenic.

The surface stays smooth throughout each use; there is no transfer, plus it smells great. I have been switching between two scents: Bliss and Escape. Both are mild but smell great.”

Marlie Cohen, Kale + Krunches

“I do thoroughly enjoy this product. I am excited that a Canadian company has been able to create an aluminum-free antiperspirant that works successfully! I will most definitely be adding Bliss to my next order.”

Lindsey Elyse, Sustainably Savvy

“I’ve probably tried ten different natural deodorants in the past year, and this one is by far my fave. Unlike others I’ve tried, Green Beaver’s newest product is actually an antiperspirant, which not only makes your pits smell nice, it also keeps them dry—like, really dry. Using ‘NaturaDri’ technology, which is made of sunflower seed waxes, mimosa flowers and other natural ingredients, this product glides on like a dream and lasts all day.”

Erinn Stewart, contributor Flare Magazine

“This is by far the best natural antiperspirant I have tried (and I've tried a lot!) I will definitely be getting this product again. So happy I found one that actually works!! And it smells great too.”

Jennifer, Green Beaver Website Review

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