Totally Achievable Resolutions for 2021

Are you the type to reflect on your year and made new resolutions for your personal development? Gradually changing your routine by adding activities that promote your values ​​helps achieve your goals and lessen the blues that can come during the winter season. It’s important to look back on the past few months and establish improvements for the sake of our mental and physical health. Here are some great resolutions to adopt for the new year, choose the ones that suit you best, without pressure.

1. Move every day. Since the implemented government restrictions, the majority of us spend a lot less time outdoors (don't we?). Take a walk at least once a day, it will help stretch your legs and reduce the tension that builds up in your back and shoulders. Bring your best friend (your dog) with you and don't forget to apply natural sunscreen.

2. Eat more real foods. Now that we are spending more time at home, we often have more time to cook up healthy meals. Gone are the days of fast food on-the-go between your meetings.

3. Meditate. Relax your mind from any thoughts that can be overwhelming. Set aside a moment of your day to take deep breaths and calm the hamster spinning the wheel in your head. A quick tip: Aromatherapy helps a lot. For example, apply our lavender or coconut body lotion and let yourself be carried away by these natural and soothing scents.

4. Stop buying harmful household products. Opt for natural choices like our organic all-purpose soap and foaming hand soap.

5. Call your loved ones. Check-in with a family member or friend from time to time. With social distancing, many people feel lonely, and a call can make all the difference in their day (and yours).

6. Take care of a plant. Like the concept of pet therapy, plant-care has a lot of mental benefits.

7. Drink more water. What a great way to say thank you to your body and flush out the toxins built up in 2020.

8. Have a personal journal. Write down three things that you are grateful for and show yourself gratitude daily. It will help you see the bright side and stay positive.


We wish you a lot of sweetness in the new year. Don't pressure yourself and go at your own pace. Take good care of yourself!

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