Get familiar with the key natural ingredients in our aluminum-free antiperspirant

First, it’s important to understand the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. The similarity is that both prevent the development of bad odours. However, antiperspirants also do something that deodorants can't, and that is stopping sweat!

Did you know about 20% of the regular antiperspirant stick is refined aluminum? The ingredient is so refined that when applied under the armpit, small particles enter the sweat pores. As soon as you start to sweat a little, the aluminum that mixes with the water will swell and block the pores. Some people ask us if there is a problem with blocking pores with aluminum. There are studies that show that the body does absorb aluminum and although it is minimal, it appears to be toxic to our health.

For now, there is only one line of aluminum-free antiperspirant on the market, and that is the Green Beaver line! If we are not using aluminum, what are we using as an active ingredient to prevent sweating? Of course, it was essential for us that it be natural and organic. So, after fifteen years of research and development, we’ve succeeded in creating an antiperspirant that offers a natural barrier. We use a compound of three vegetable waxes (from the flowers of Mimosa, Carnauba and Jojoba), mixed with the super absorbent powder of Tapioca. So instead of using aluminum that goes into the sweat pores, we created a compound that deposits a film on the skin's surface and will prevent sweating. We called this compound: NaturaDri.

Natura = Natural, Dri = Dry. NaturaDri = Stay dry, naturally.

In addition to preventing sweating, these ingredients have benefits for the skin. Especially jojoba oil which is an ingredient often found in skincare products because it helps to hydrate and soothe the skin.

To conclude, this question comes up often: why not use baking soda in our natural antiperspirants to absorb the bad smell? The reason is simple, this ingredient can create skin irritation. Plus, we don't need it, as we have other natural ingredients that have been proven to work.

Three types of clinical tests were done on our aluminum-free antiperspirants and here are the three respective results:

To assess wetness: These tests showed that most subjects stayed dry for 24 hours 

To assess odour: These tests showed that most subjects remained odourless for 24 hours

To assess sensitivity: These tests have been approved by dermatologists who have designated our antiperspirants as hypoallergenic.

Take care of your health and switch to an aluminum-free antiperspirant

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