Top 3 essential antibacterial product

Sanitary measures will continue to be a major part of our lives for a while. Wearing a mask, washing hands, and distancing are necessary to minimize the risk of infection. As such, here are our top 3 antibacterial products to adopt.

First, you should never leave your house without your mask and our natural hand sanitizer. It’s best to avoid those found in the entrances of businesses. Go for one that is made with organic ingredients and doesn't dry out your hands. Our hand sanitizer will allow you to get rid of germs and bacteria effectively thanks to a percentage of alcohol made from ethanol (sugar cane) which has a concentration of 70%.

The second essential product is our foaming hand soap. Since you wash your hands several times a day, it is normal for them to become dry, especially in winter. Our Foaming Hand Soap is gentle, smells great, and kills all germs. You can choose from the natural scent of cranberry, lavender, or frosted mint.

Last but not least, our all-purpose soap! Perfect to clean every corner of your home, it’s also an excellent product for washing your reusable masks. Add a few drops to a large bowl of water and foam lightly. Let your masks soak in and air dry them afterwards. It is important to wash your masks several times a week, depending on how often they are used. Plus, if you choose a natural scent, like orange or lavender, your masks will smell amazing!

With these three products, you are well equipped to minimize the risk of infection. Protect yourself and those around you! 

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