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Why become a Green Beaver Mommy?

Because Babies Discover With Their Mouth!

Household cleaners, clothing, baby bath products... what doesn't contain harmful chemicals these days? Studies have shown that these chemicals found in baby care products like lotions, washes, sunscreens and diaper creams can penetrate their skin! So, it's best to keep our little treasures away from them! By making simple, greener changes to your lifestyle, you can keep your baby and your home clean, without exposing them to unnecessary harm... starting with a pledge!



Green Beaver mommies: here because we can always use a bit of help!

Going green, but aren't sure where to start? Not to worry: with the help of green mommies worldwide, we'll provide you helpful tips to make this a smooth transition! Does it still seem impossible? Ask a fellow Green Beaver mommy, who will guide you the whole way through your initiative to lead a healthier and happier life!

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