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Why become a Green Beaver Mommy?

Because you know they will eat a few bubbles…

From household cleaners, to clothing, to baby bath products… it is best to limit babies’ exposure to harmful chemicals (because you know they’ll end up pulling their soap covered fingers into their mouths!). Studies have shown that potential harmful chemicals found in baby care products such as washes, lotions, diaper creams and sunscreens can penetrate your baby’s skin. By making simple greener lifestyle changes, you can keep your baby and your home clean without exposing them to unnecessary risks.

The Green Beaver Mommy Club aims to inspire a natural lifestyle and a sustainable world.

With the help of green mommies from across the country, we will provide you with helpful recommendations on how to transition to a greener life style. Though it may seem like an overwhelming challenge, you can count on us and other Green Beaver mommies to guide you through your transition towards a healthier and happier life.

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