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    Castile soap is known as ‘the natural soap’ because it is made from vegetable oils rather than artificial chemicals, harsh ingredients, or animal by-products. We make sure that our Castile soap is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and biodegradable. This means our rivers, lakes, waterways, and sewer systems will stay clean when you use it outdoors or rinse it off down a drain.

    Just because it’s 100% natural doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pack a mean (and green) cleaning punch. Green Beaver’s Castile Soap is made in Canada and is Natural and Organic Cosmetics certified by ECOCERT Greenlife. Feel safe using our soap to clean your body, your home, and your pets!

    Castile Soap Uses – 10 Ways to Start Using It

    Castile soap has almost unlimited uses, but our top 10 list is below. It's not just used for household cleaning, you can also use Castile soap for natural personal care!

    Body wash: Use a few drops on a washcloth or bath puff to wash your body.

    Hand wash: Fill a dispenser bottle with 1 part soap and three parts water.

    Shampoo: Work ½ tbsp to 1 tbsp into wet hair. Lather, and rinse.

    Shaving: Lather a few drops in wet hands and apply to underarms, legs, and face to shave. We suggest you use our aluminum-free antiperspirants after you shave, as they won’t cause irritation or burning – even on freshly shaved skin.

    Fruit and veggie wash: Use a few drops in a bowl or skin full of water to clean fruits and vegetables. Rinse.

    Dish soap: Dilute 2 tbsp into a sink full of water to wash dishes. Apply directly to a scrubber or sponge if you want more suds and bubbles.

    All-purpose cleaner: Fill a spray bottle with 1 part soap and 4 parts water.

    Floor cleaner: Use ½ cup in 10 liters of hot water to clean floors.

    Laundry: Use ½ cup directly in load for laundry.

    Dog wash: Use a few drops on wet fur, lather, and rinse.

    Castile Soap Ingredients

    What exactly is Castile soap made of? Here at Green Beaver, we use water, organic coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, and all-natural essential oils - that’s it! If you’re looking for unscented Castile soap, we have that option as well.

    Is Castile Soap Good for Skin?

    Yes, Castile soap is good for skin and since it is made without artificial ingredients, dyes, or fragrances, so it is gentle and hypoallergenic. Since it is oil-based (but not greasy), it is less drying than other types of soap, especially for Canadian winters. Remember, what you receive in the bottle is pure and concentrated. This is why it is best to dilute with water, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

    We strive to offer you the best value for your money, and a bottle of Castile soap should last you a while. If you’d like to stock up or give it as a gift, you can get 15% off by bundling two bottles together in our Create Your Own Cleaning Bundle. Remember, shipping is free on orders over $50.